Vehicle diagnostics is probably a term you have heard here and there in terms of auto repair and maintenance, but how important is it? When it comes to vehicle diagnostics in Phoenix, AZ, North Mountain Auto & Fleet Repair offers accurate results and reliable repairs.

Check Engine Light Phoenix, AZ

What do you do when your check engine light comes on? Are you the time of driver that panics and immediately pulls over or turns into the nearest shop? Or are you the type of driver that pretends it isn’t on in the hopes that ignoring it will simply make it go away?

At North Mountain Auto & Fleet Repair, we want to stress the importance of having your vehicle inspected when your check engine light comes on, but not trusting that diagnosis to just any mechanic or parts store.

An illuminated check engine light could be the sign of a potential or minor issue or it could be an indication that you gave serious engine or transmission trouble. Either way, it is important to have your vehicle checked out by a professional mechanic you can trust, like North Mountain Auto & Fleet Repair.

Vehicle Diagnostics Phoenix, AZ

While diagnostic scans are advanced in terms of technology and the results can help your mechanic provide an accurate diagnosis sooner than ever before, it still requires an expert to take those results a step further and get to the root of the problem.

When you visit us for vehicle diagnostics, our experts will take the code or codes delivered by our state of the art diagnostics testing computer and use it as a road map to determine the true problem. These codes are an indicator of where the trouble is which tells us which component or system is in need of a more thorough inspection.

When To Get Vehicle Diagnostics

The major benefit of vehicle diagnostics is that it allows your mechanic to provide you with an accurate diagnosis before we start the repair process which will save you time and money spent in the repair shop. But when should you get vehicle diagnostics?

We have already said that you should request a diagnostics scan on your vehicle anytime your check engine light is on, but we also recommend that you have them run anytime your vehicle is behaving differently or when you visit our shop for auto service.

For the most accurate vehicle diagnostics in Phoenix, AZ, contact North Mountain Auto & Fleet Repair today.

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